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Friends, Sing Star, broken stuff, non-stop theatre and editing
A busy, yet good weekend.


Went to Kerry's West Heidelberg unit to help Dad paint, after a tenant had left it in a bad state. I wouldn't have thought of it as exercise, but my legs were hurting afterwards. In addition to Sat and Sun, I'll be going back for another day (probably next Sat) to do some more.

Stupid iTunes will let me see songs on the attached iPod, but not play them. Grr. Took CDs for the second day.

Saturday night

Dinner at David & Kerryn's for Kerryn's birthday. A lovely night. The kids were mostly good and our hosts were good to them. Jesara, to a degree, overcame her fear of the dogs and was soon walking around normally and throwing balls to them. Conversation, wine, pasta, great sticky date pudding - awaiting the recipe from Kerryn.

Sing Star fun all round, with a decent range of songs to choose from. Everyone appeared to be happy, although Theresa did suffer a bit from climbing kids. Is it inhumane to put elctro-shock dog collars on your children?

Left in time to take Deborah to work (midnight start). One weekend, three shifts. She slept almost all of Sunday to recover.

Sunday afternoon

Hartwell committee meeting. Despite acclaim from the chilli lovers, I'm unimpressed by Ashwood Pizza: dry, lots of ham, not enough cheese and other toppings. I'll try Monster Pizza next time and see if anyone notices the difference.

Car, washing machine, Tony

So many broken things. Today (Tuesday), both my car and the washing machine were fixed. It will be nice to have the car as an option during winter - I've been dreading the prospect of rainy mornings.

North to South

Theresa and Shane continue to make progress on the pilot. 'Tis slow going, but should work out okay. I can't wait until it's finished.

Broken iTrip, friendly salad, Kynen's 4th, etc.
The weekend has been good so far. Well, mostly - I was not terribly impressed with having my iTrip returned broken. Deborah did not seem to realise it was broken, or think that anyone else had touched it, yet the contacts were bent as if someone had tried to force the iTrip back into the iPod after the little insulting bit got broken off.


Theresa was off filming "You Can Make Friends With Salad", the vegetarian cooking show. Meanwhile, we played and had a walk to the park. Unbelievably, we all managed to nap in the afternoon. Pizza for dinner, followed by Jarhead on DVD. Not to Theresa's liking, but she wasn't around to disapprove. Oh, and pizza does not travel well vertically; the pitfalls of having only a bike with no bike rack attached.


Shopping in Frankston, then Kynen's 4th birthday party. Photography gone mad - I took 204 photos. After deletions, I'm down to 104; still too many to rate and annotate...

Deborah went to a movie with friends, leaving me and Theresa to watch Law & Order shows together.


Lazy day around the house. Pumpkin soup. Ducted heating. Bickering kids. The stuff dreams are made of.

Birthdays, Filming, Work, Hip-Hop
I keep thinking that I don't have time to post to LJ, yet I've made almost 20 posts since my last "journal" entry on 18/May. So, some various things:


Photos from parties for Jesara and Ethan (now four years old) are in my Flickr photostream. Theresa laments that she doesn't get much time to get excited about her own birthday, with Jesara's just days before.


I haven't been involved much, except for buying lots of storage. Theresa, Shane, cast and crew have been busy filming a pilot this week. Exciting. And the camera operator was a good source of amusement. Now they just need to edit it, package it, sell it successfully and they've got it made. More details on Theresa's LJ (oakalyptus).


Busy, but mostly in a good way. I'm surprised that I haven't got too stressed and depressed about it, although that may change tomorrow, as I'm rather behind on replying to people's requests.


In a recent post, I mentioned a tour by The Herd. Butterfingers are also touring, with shows in Moorooduc tonight and Melbourne tomorrow. If I had been more decisive about going, I might have worked something out. Anyway... too tired tonight, and tomorrow's show is sold out.

AYLI finale, bad car, new MacBook
Saturday 13/May:

Final performance of As You Like It, followed by bump out and cast party. I got there at midnight and stayed until it wound up about 3:30. Still, it seemed a little short in some way and lacked the magic of the previous week at Stratford. Went back to Fiona's with Laura and Brad for a little while, then headed home for a 5:30am broken sleep.

Through the week:

The charge light on my car has been on whilst driving, and a new battery hasn't helped. Tony believes it to be an alternator problem, and is now shopping around for a second hand replacement for me.

Placed order for new MacBook. Arrival hopefully in the next two weeks, and hopefully the glossy screen will not be too reflective on the train. Then I just need to figure about how to juggle photos and iView catalogues between the two computers.

Medina, Stratford, Sydney
An entry from a week ago that I neglected to post at the time...

Friday 5/May:

Drinks at the Medina with Mace, Lindy, David, Kerryn, and a couple of Mace's workmates. Dinner at a Thai restaurant in Hardware Lane. Didn't notice that Gado Gado was listed as a salad - it arrived cold and delicately arranged on a plate. But the peanut sauce was good and warm and made for an enjoyable meal.

Drinks at a downstairs bar/restaurant named Moo, where we were unable to get a table for dinner earlier. Groovy, chilled out place with an impressive wine cellar.

Saturday 6/May:

Left early to collect Jack and Laura for the long drive to Stratford; a little longer than I expected, as we arrived 15 mins late. The next few hours were taken up with rehearsal stuff. It's easy to believe that a "topping and tailing" rehearsal will be quick - don't count on it. We did at least get an hour to go and get ready before our 5:30 dinner.

The show went really well. 'Twas a lot of fun and having a bit of floor space in the middle between the tables (which were arranged in a V-formation) worked well. We even had the dance rearranged to suit.

Then it was time to party - the real reason for our trip. Fortunately, no one from the motel came to shut us up (or shut us down), so we had the pergola until we retired just before 4am. My iPod was put to good use and we polished off all of our limited supply of food and drinks.

Sunday 7/May:

Breakfast at Wa De Lock Cafe in Stratford. This business was the sponsor for our show and they probably recouped a good portion of their $800 as we ordered bacon, eggs, etc.

Jack and Laura returned to Melbourne with Jenny and Richard, which was probably just as well: I had to stop twice for naps on the way home, eventually crawling through the door about 5pm.

In brief: a good weekend had by all.

Tuesday 9/May:

Went to Sydney for the project that never ends. I wasn't particularly well prepared, but the sessions were good and I came out of them with a better understanding of how everything fits in. Unfortunately, it's not dead yet: some issues were raised that need to be looked at, but hopefully not by me.

Wednesday 10/May:

Another training session of the same thing, but for the Melbourne people, plus catching up with what i should have been doing yesterday, had Shane not stolen my time.

Almost forgot:

I left my lights on in my rush to be on time for the flight. I realised as I approached the boarding gate that I couldn't remember turning off the lights, and indeed I hadn't. Totally flat battery, so I waited for an RACV dude to come along. Fortunately, I didn't have to pay for him to enter the business parking cage.

What really sucks is that the total loss of power resulted in the radio stopping. Stupid security-code protection. Now I need to take out the unit and see if I can get a security code for it.

Childrens' Farm, D-Cuppetry, Death

With a quiet office, I took the afternoon off and went to see Kokoda. I might write a bit about it in a separate post.

Tues day:

ANZAC Day. As per tradition, we missed the dawn service by several hours. Determined not to let the day slip through our fingers, we eventually escaped the house and travelled by train to the Collingwood Childrens' Farm. Photos to follow.

We were disappointed that we couldn't pat the children or buy some to take home - there were some free range ones, but they appeared to be visitors, not property of the farm. Anyway, there was much fun to be had rolling down a hill, feeding horses (or in Jesara's case, picking grass for Mummy to feed horses so she can keep her distance), patting goats, watching pumpkins grow and milking a cow.

Tues evening:

After a hot chocolate at Fed Square, I dumped Theresa and kids on the station platform and headed off to Trades Hall for D-Cuppetry - Dance of the D Cups, by Emma Powell and joined by Louise from Hartwell. The show was very clever and funny and sold out; apparently it's the best selling show for Comedy@Trades, which is understandable for a unique show.

Dinner before the show with the 14-strong crowd of Hartwellians. Drinks in the bar after the show with Louise and her two start attractions... Level-crossing fatility on the way home added 50 mins of boredom and inconvenience - watch where you're walking people!

Beer, Shakespeare, Easter


Saw opening night of Secondary Cause of Death with Theresa's parents and sleepy kids. Good, funny play, but I can't believe he's written a threequel.


Goat. Went to the Mountain Goat Brewery with Dominique, Steve and Mark. Had a Goat Sample Paddle (see photo above) with Pale Ale, Hightail Ale, IPA and Surefoot Stout (in that order). Then we got stuck into the vintage bottles of Surefoot Stout - fantastic stuff. Another month to wait for this year's Surefoot release. The brewery also does a little processing for a distillery and they sell their single-malt whiskey: lovely and very smooth.

Opening night for As You Like It. Despite having only a few bookings, we had about twenty people and the show was well received. Sparkling wine afterwards. Good thing I didn't tell people about the Theatrecraft reviewer until after the show, as some got freaked out that he'd be there on opening night, as if opening night is for a second-class performance.


Easter. Theresa's parents are here for the weekend to look after the kids while we're on stage, so we postponed Easter till today. Coloured boiled eggs, much chocolate. And now it's time to stop typing and find some lunch. Savoury lunch.

Easter photos:

See Flickr for photos from today.


Waking up in a tent and coming back from Bacchus Marsh after filming our entry for The Shoot Out (see earlier post). Sausages for breakfast, with Shane playing his version of Truth & Dare: asking us all what we'd do in tricky hypothetical situations. Lots of sexuality questions (eg. "if you were in prison with no access to women...", "who would you turn for?", plus one that we promptly cut off before Deborah couold be further freaked out), plus standard dilemas, like whose life you'd choose to save.


I took the "let's postpone Easter" thing literally, then found I was the only one not giving out chocolate goodies. At least I scored the last bag of hot cross buns at 11:45 the night before. Messy chocolatey kids.

Also, Theresa finished the DVD copy of the short film. Hopefully we'll have a screening night soon so that we can hand out copies.


Kids sick. Well, Josh at least, and he seems to have given it to Theresa. As I write this, I think I have a cold too. Yay. Went to visit Tony briefly. This was a mistake. He doesn't understand brevity. I love him and want to offer support (even repeated minor variations of the same support), but I should only have to say "we have to go" twice, not five times.


My three new camera batteries have arrived, which makes me happy. I hope they are decent this time. I've labelled them to distinguish them from the crappy ones I have lying around. I'm keeping the chrager at work where I can more easily avoid overcharging, and shall charge them on a rotating basis.


House is a repeat. This is a good thing, as it's Hell week and we'll all be out at rehearsal.

All done.
Bye bye.

Trying this one line journal thing...
Friday: Practice run for next week's trip to The Shoot Out. We were out till 1:30 AM and got 1 minute 49 seconds of film. Next Friday is going to be a very long night.

Saturday: Dinner at Mexican Cantina in Narre Warren with Mace, Lindy, David and Kerryn. Good mains, average desserts, lowbrow but family-friendly service. Lots of "can I take that from youse?" in Aussie never-heard-Spanish-in-my-life accents.

Yesterday: Rehearsal, followed by dinner at Cafe Grande Forno. Slowly reconditioning myself to stop calling it Cafe Porno.

Misc: Theresa is making me a costume for As You Like It. I'm going to freeze to death, but it'll look good.

On keeping a journal/diary
I wonder if I can get myself into the habit of making regular journal entries by writing only a line or two and tagging each entry with "journal" to indicate that it's nothing more than a statement of what's been happening.

The problem is that there is so much to say about things, that I end up not bothering. I remember once in my childhood getting an excercise book and starting a journal. I included so much detail, including which roads we travelled when going on weekend day trips, that I eventually gave up.

The closest thing I have to a consistent journal/diary is my photo library, but I'm too lazy to annotate photos much. I should post to Flickr more, adding captions as I go.

Anyway, if you see boring, two line posts from me with the tag journal, and you'll know that I'm trying and you can just move on to the next post.


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