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24-hour famine

I rather think this whole week is becoming a write-off, work-wise. I still haven't fully recovered from Monday night, and considering I'm not allowed to eat proper meals tomorrow – by order of some anal-preventive sadist in a white coat – I'm not sure how well I'll go tomorrow either. Getting my blood sugar levels out of whack is a focus killer every time, and not eating food of substance definitely puts me out of whack.

Now time to go buy jelly. Oh, and where on earth does one get "clear broth" these days, without actually boiling up a chicken?

Mattress woes

We've had our $400 mattress for 3 years and initially thought it good quality. Indeed, it was great to start with. The springs are interconnected down the length of the bed, so you don't end up with a dip in the middle of the bed, causing you to roll into each other.

But that doesn't mean there's no dip at all, oh no! It only took a year or two for dips to form beneath us. An uncomfortable hollow on the edge of the bed.

Now I learn that our lovely mattress is really just a low-to-mid-range model. A friend just bought a new mattress to rectify their sleeping woes. The cost?


Holy fuck, that's expensive. Needless to say, we won't be buying a top of the line mattress any time soon.

We have to do something, though. My back is getting worse by the day. (By the night, actually.) Too much longer sleeping in a curve, and I foresee spending a mattress' worth on chiropractic or physio bills... :-(

Sunday lunch and a movie

Yesterday was nice:

For his birthday (in August 2005), I promised Dad a picnic lunch. Finally done. We (all minus Deborah, who was still sleeping after a graveyard shift) visited them at their new Plenty home and ate cheese, smoked trout, chicken caesar salad and chocolate slice.

After leaving, we stopped at a park near Fairfield, giving the kids a chance to play and me a chance to sleep off a headache.


The Producers at Moonlight Cinema. Quite good, but a bit distracting with squirming kids. At least they were reasonably quiet. Josh spent over half an hour going back and forth between Theresa and me giving us kisses. Another half hour drinking Moutain Dew, playing with the lid and saying "mine" with a frown when Jess wanted some. Then he progressed to running around the picnic rug and sometimes trying to escape our reach. Eventually, he settled and fell asleep on my arm. Less than a minute later, the credits rolled...


Moonlight Cinema is nice, but not good on the back. I'm noticing that I'm leaning again, but to the other side this time. Just when I was planning to ditch chiropractic. Methinks it's time to find a way of strengthening my back and posture to avoid this gradual decline. Maybe pilates is worth a look.