I want my hour back!

I think simple watches (those that aren't aware of dates and time-zones) were invented so that there'd be something to use as a reference point when you're thinking "Oh, it's 3:25. Um, is that really 2:25 (up till daylight savings started, at least), or has my phone already adjusted the time?"

They really sound like that...

I wonder who Chris Lilley studied when modelling characters for Angry Boys. Just heard members of the Wu-Tang Clan being interviewed on the radio, and all I could hear was S.Mouse, you know what I'm sayin'...

What do soap dispensers, statistics and censorship have in common?

Parenting is primarily about being consistent and letting go, but there are also secondary tenets, such as teaching them everything you know.

Tonight's subject was sensors, triggered by a question about how the light comes on when we leave the house. It's the most fun we've had since exploring the house to see how many different countries make the things we buy!

So far we've talked about motion sensors, heat sensors, hands-free soap dispensers, smoke detectors, those rectangles cut into roads to detect cars waiting at traffic lights, infra-red, touch screens and the electricity in our skin, plus various uses for accelerometers.

"Good night. I can't think of any more sensors for now, but tomorrow I'll tell you about the Census!" They didn't want to wait, but I insisted. And so, tomorrow is Census awareness day. I can't wait till Sunday when we talk about censors. :-)

New gTLD policy: let's throw open the floodgates

I'd just like to take this opportunity to be juvenile for a moment and say "fuck you, ICANN". Jon Postel must be turning over in his grave. Interestingly, I haven't heard Vint Cerf comment on it yet. I'd love to know if he supports the plan or thinks it's dubious, but doesn't want to speak ill of his former employer.

So, now we know what the Generic Names Supporting Organization (GNSO) is supporting: greed and profit. It's certainly not supporting the Internet community as a whole, especially users. The argument that users will benefit is bogus: all this does is open up the potential for confusion.

The ICANN mission is to:
  1. Coordinate the allocation and assignment of various names and numbers (DNS, IP, ASN, protocol ports ad parameters).
  2. Coordinate the operation and evolution of the DNS root name server system.
  3. Coordinate policy development reasonably and appropriately related to these technical functions
Of all of these, it seems their primary focus is on policy development, but they didn't bother reading the rest of the sentence. Or perhaps they noticed that there's no comma after "reasonably and appropriately", and therefore felt that they could coordinate policy development however they like, so long as the policies are related to the technical functions.

I think there should perhaps be a forth item on the list: restrict growth of the organisation, operating at the smallest possible size that will sustain the technical functions. Sure, they may be technically a non-profit, but they're also living up the "Corporation" part of their name.
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Start your engines...

Whilst donating to Inspire Foundation (the organisation behind in support of #MikeReachesOut, I noticed this statistic on their website:

"...suicide remains the leading cause of death among young people aged 14 -25, ahead of road and traffic accidents."

Now, I realise they're saying this to highlight the importance of tackling youth suicide, but is it wrong that it occurs to me that there are two ways to solve the problem?

Ironing board woes (again)

What does one have to do to find a flat ironing board in this god-forsaken universe? I'm pretty sure companies used to know how to manufacture flat ironing boards... What's the point of selling premium models with more metal and more cost if they can't make the top flat?

If anyone has suggestions or leads on op shops or other places that might sell second-hand ironing beds, let me know. I'd be forever in your debt. (And now, that's not an offer to iron all your clothes. Well, maybe a weeks' worth.)


How do you go from thinking no one loves you and everyone hates you, to deciding that you'll go eat some worms? Are worms a comfort food? Is it just attention-seeking? Or is the insecurity and self-pity just an aside?


Spelling laziness.

Although I have a healthy respect for grammar and spelling, and will continue to proofread what I write, I have to say that I do enjoy technology's ability to let me be lazy. "Google will tell me how to spell it, no matter how hastily I zoom around the keys."

"Showing results for pterodactyl. Search instead for pteradacjktyk"

Of course, if I were truly lazy, I could have dropped the 'p' and it still would've replied with "Teradacjktyk? Sure, no worries. We get that one a lot."

I particularly like that moment where I'm tapping away on my phone's keyboard and know that I've just made a mistake, but can do that quick mental calculation about how much of the word I've got wrong and the proximity of the key I pressed to the key I missed. "Meh, she'll be right," I think, and a moment later, there it is: a beautifully formed word arisen from the ashes of what could be an unpronounceable Polish name.

I need a comma!

Actually, it's an 'M' that I need. It has worn off my keyboard, and the result is that I frequently end up pressing the 'M' key when I want a comma.

Evidently, there is a pattern in my brain that says – since I don't touch type perfectly and still look at the keyboard a lot – that a comma is obtained by hitting the key next to the last letter along the bottom. I see the 'N', which also has the expected upright and diagonal strokes, then press the next key along.

The resultm I must saym is quite frustrating...