Nathan (gemsling) wrote,

Fun with Horde IMP address book

Due to a very restrictive firewall, I rely on web-based access to my email. Horde IMP is very good, with many useful features. Still a bit sluggish when compared to the AJAX-driven Gmail, but pretty good.

What I miss most is integration of my email with my address book in Opera. Of course, Horde IMP has an address book, and after I noticed that it has an alias field, I finally decided to fill it up. The plan: aliases should be expanded into real email addresses for sending.

  1. Download sent-mail folder.
  2. grep ^To: sent-mail
  3. sort | uniq
  4. Edit to trim out garbage
  5. sort again, this time on domain
  6. Edit some more: fix names, remove more duplicates, convert to CSV, etc.
  7. Add a column with aliases for frequently used email addresses.
  8. Import into Horde IMP.
  9. Try addressing emails using aliases.
  10. Discover it doesn't actually use the Alias field.

Tags: tech

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