Nathan (gemsling) wrote,

The hottest play in town

Today we (The Hartwell Players) put on the hottest play in town. Well, at least in a literal sense. The cast rallied around and we decked the school hall with about ten fans aimed at the audience, plus additional ones for the lighting desk and for the changerooms. The audience stuck with it and it was the smallest, yet most responsive audience we've had yet.

We went through at least four bags of ice, used to serve cordial and water in buckets. I stopped having eyebrows painted on, as the makeup was simply dripping down into my eyes. But we made it! Everyone did a good job. Well, maybe not the Walrus, who missed half his scene whilst buying lunch. :-(

Theresa, Deborah and kids came, and so did Katherine. 'Twas nice to catch up with her over dinner after the show.

On the subject of theatre, this was the audition weekend for As You Like It. Deborah is yet to hear the news that she didn't get a part. Too much competition (30 women out of 50 auditionees, for 4 female roles). And to make matters worse, I not only got a part, but she will be looking after kids whilst I go to a call back on Tuesday.

I wonder how much she really wants to act. If she still has an interest, hopefully it will drive her to keep trying. I've had a few people comment that she acts well, but that doesn't necessarily make rejection easier.
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