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Jesara[Flickr] I've started using Flickr more. It's a highly addictive social photo blogging site. I'm putting some favourites in my Flickr account, but I'm still not sure what to do with sets of photos. Flickr? LJ? Own web hosting? Hmm...

[LJ] Meanwhile, I'm neglecting this LiveJournal, but I am still thinking of things to write. This post may not be quite as random as bar_bar_ella's recent "randomality" one, but it's still a collection of disjointed things.

Nathan and Matt: Matt's farewell[Matt] Matt has gone to work in open cut gold mines north of Kalgoorlie. How long will he last? Hopefully long enough to get some money together. He had a farewell party on Friday night; there were some ELT people there, plus some fire twirling, which always makes me happy. Some photos on Flickr, plus a larger set here.

[Tony] I just spoke to my step father for the first time in a few days. Not having heard from him and knowing that some stressful things have been going on, I was expecting to find him in the pits of despair. It turns out that he had very little anxiety yesterday and he says he hasn't known anything like it in the 27 years this has been going on. Now, that may be an exaggeration, but it's a good indication that letting go of other people's problems is good for your health.

[The Herd] Being male, I have no intention of asking directions. It took me a while to find the Aussie hip-hop section in JB Hi-Fi (it's a small sub section under "urban grooves"). Good music for summer, but do you think they have lyrics available? No. Grr... I also can't find a copy of their version of I Was Only 19; hopefully it will make it into the Hottest 100, which is now accepting votes, BTW.

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