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Optima whimper

How do real parents do it? Take their kids out to a public event and not break down? Tonight Deborah's school had their annual presentation night and we went along to see her receive an Optima Semper award for her good effort through the year. In theory, this was a good idea, but in reality, we were stuck with squirming kids in the middle of the Frankston Arts Centre, 20 seats from escape.

Jesara's pretty good these days, but Joshua just acts like a 15 month old. For a while he alternated between happy noises and "you're not giving me that pencil quick enough" unhappy noises. Then he went quiet... but only because he was climbing under the seats in front, threatening to escape our reach. By this time, my nerves were shot and back pain was compounding the problem. In my panic and shakiness, somehow I got it in my mind that we would leave during a round of applause, so I grabbed Jesara and snuck past 20 pairs of legs. The problem is, I didn't discuss the plan with Theresa first, so I found myself in the foyer while she was still stuck inside with Josh.

Theresa soon managed to escape and we monitored the progress so we could figure out when the year elevens were due on stage. I'm proud of Deborah and didn't want to miss her brief walk across the stage to collect an award and stand with a dozen other winners. However my nerves were still raw, so I sent Theresa and Jesara in and stayed with Josh. But I didn't want to miss out, so I snuck in. Although I missed seeing Deborah actually accept the award, I did see her on stage and, thanks to noisey Joshy, was back in the foyer to congratulate her and chat when she filed out.

Executive summary: we don't take young children to see films or plays anymore. This could be because they're noisy and restless (ie. normal), or it could be because I am too conscious of their behaviour and other people's personal space to be able to handle it.
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