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Rolex: what are people thinking?

Are Rolex watches really that fantastic that there is a market for cheap replicas, as implied by the spam I receive? I can understand sex aids and painkillers, but not watches. If you want a watch, you just go to the shops with $100 (less if you're happy with something cheap) and you're set. Why spend hundreds? Surely it's not like a watch is actually something that "makes people realise you have 'arrived'" as the spammers try to tell us.

[Edit: I said "hundreds". Then I did a Froogle search and found that the average price is well over $3000, which makes even Tag Heuer look cheap. Obscene.]

Hmm, clearly I don't undertand the concepts of style and fashion. The market must be there, or else there wouldn't be a constant supply of billboard and magazine ads for high-priced watches. I'll admit that I liked my watch when it was working. But it wasn't so important to me that I went and replaced the band and battery. After all, I have clocks on my phone, PDA and iPod - who needs more?

Evidently, some people need much more. How vain, insecure, or both must they be?
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