Nathan (gemsling) wrote,

Return of the stomach pains

Fuck it all to hell. I don't think I've slept properly all night, and now I realise why: abdominal pains/spasms/contractions of the dibilitating type that I haven't had for quite some time.

This sucks because:

- It's Friday. In theory, I should be seeking a medical certificate if sick on a Monday or Friday, and I hate that, but today I can't really push myself into work like I would normally do.
- Today's the last main chance I have to work on a process document. I'm already cutting it fine, so if my abdomen keeps cramping up every few minutes, preventing me from working, I'll have to beg the product manager for extra time.
- We have a murder mystery night to attend this evening. I sincerely hope the pain subsides a little by then, but previous experience shows that I can't make any guarantees.

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