Nathan (gemsling) wrote,

Hubcap part 2

I'm very slack. I haven't posted about... well, many things really, but one of them is last Friday's visit to Hubcap. A big thanks to trayce, kits_the_dm, bar_bar_ella, dcrisp and andricongirl for coming along, plus delwyn, who brought a delegation of good systems people.

After helping dcrisp polish off two bottles of shiraz, and after much talk about digital cameras and various other topics, we eventually left to find food. Uncle Dan's was closed, but we managed to find another bottle shop and make our way back to Trayce's for delivered pizza and pasta. Congratulations to nutzboy for quitting his job.

Much conversation on the balcony with Dom and David. Good deep'n'meaningful stuff about relationships, plus religion, sex and all those fun topics. All up, a worthy evening (despite all the cigarette smoke) and it would be nice to do it again some time.

Trayce: thanks awfully for the CD. I might post it back to you, as I'm not sure when I'll next pass your way.


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