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Travel inclination
Last night we got talking about travel. Perhaps because of neefsck's recent London expedition. Anyway, we soon started talking about what our dream holiday would be given sufficient funds.

The first difference was holiday length. Theresa's dreams take us away for a year or more. Mine are a little more rooted in the limitations of reality, such as leave from work and finding money, even though we're talking about a limitless supply of money. So I was thinking of a few weeks. In reality, we'll take what we can get, so if you're planning on giving us a two day trip to anywhere, please don't hold back on account of our greater desires...

So, where would we go? Theresa can post separately about her ideal destinations, which I think will focus less on crowded cities and more on landmarks, especially those featured in favourite books.

I've realised that my travel list is based on vague and obscure things that I relate to. Vague and obscure, meaning that I've taken an interest in something from a particular country, but not something that points to a particular attraction or location. I've also realised that these things appeal to me more because of their similarities to my own English-speaking culture, than their differences. The online world has participants from all over, but it has a global nature: people speak different languages, but their modern-day lives, cultures and cities are a lot like our own.

So, here's my list of vague places to visit because of obscure, modern cultural references:

- Finland, the home of Nightwish. Plus lots of people there can speak English. (I want to be able to speak lots of languages, but in reality I worry about language barriers.)
- Norway where Sophie's World was written and filmed.
- Germany, the home of Rammstein.
- The Ukraine, because a Ukrainian children song features in my favourite French metal song (Antoshka).
- Georgia, because of the film Since Otar Left.
- Croatia, because of speaking with some people from Croatian families.
- The Netherlands, because I saw a video of kids auditioning for parts in Annie, and you couldn't tell that they weren't from Australia or the US... though I guess the Dutch was a bit of a giveaway.
- Japan, because Joichi Ito is cool and his blog sometimes offers an interesting insight into modern Japanese culture.
- Joi also travels. A lot (and I despise him for it!). So I'll no doubt be hearing about other places to add to this list.
- Swaziland, because their king is zany and the culture is influenced by really old traditions like umchwasho, in which women wear big woolen tassles to indicate they're not allowed to have sex and men get fined a cow if they disobey. BTW, King Mswati III fined himself a cow for breaking the rules by taking another wife.

In reality, I think all I want is to visit a range of places with a mix of historical attractions, traditions and modern cultural delights.

So there you have it. Lots or vague destinations for obscure reasons. Actually, cross Swaziland off the list; it seems like a bit of a hole...

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My ideal destinations? My list is more vague than yours. I want to do a King Arthur tour of England; and follow the Danube to retrace Ayla and Jondalar's steps in the Clan of the Cave Bear series. I want to get travel brochures on Eastern Europe to study. Well, my Danube tour would take me to the Crimean Sea, so there's a start I think, but my knowledge of EE is painfully scanty. It's a good enough excuse to me for travel, hehe. Don't even get me started on Western Europe, b/c I want to see all of that, too. Oh, and America, Canada and many many islands...

Mine are specifc in terms of people, but vague in terms of places. At least you have some places to try and find.

I can't believe I forgot to mention: "Canada - Three Dead Trolls in a Baggie". Oh, and Norway not only gave us Sophie's World, bus also Opera! Long live the most advanced web browser in the world...

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