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Enjoy the ride
Enjoy the ride

A parody of the Metlink "Attention Fare Evaders" posters. Unfortunately, I didn't have my camera with me when it was newly posted. A batch of these were posted over the official posters at stations.

My favourite bit is the closing:
- In the bottom corner of the official posters: "Pay your way. Buy a ticket."
- In the bottom corner of the parody: "Enjoy the ride."

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Of course, someone has already beaten me to it. The very same sticker appears on this blog - http://urbancreature.id.au/blog/archives/category/transport/ - along with this one:

Pity they left out an "s" in the second one. Takes away a bit. Anyhoo, I see "they" have tried to remove the first one. Don't like a pointed barb, hey?

thats awesome .


Hi! Pleased to meet you. It's always nice to put a name to the face. Skip that; reverse it. Thanks for coming along and talking cameras with us. :-)

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