Nathan (gemsling) wrote,

Copyright question of the day

Copyright was originally designed to give an incentive to create - you get a limited monopoly over your work so that you can sell it. These days copyright is used for much more.

In your opinion, is it acceptable to use copyright as an authorisation method, by refusing to sell to people if you don't like what they're doing with your work?

Example 1: The Samuel French Company denies rights for an all-female cast to perform a production of Grease in which Danny Zuko is played by a girl.

Example 2: A high school adds social comment to a production of Huckleberry Finn by swapping ethnicity of the two lead characters - a black student plays Huck and a white student plays Jim. The publisher (not the author) denies the request for rights on the basis that the author's intent has been modified.

Honest opinions please. (Gathering data from my oh-so-large sample size...)
Tags: copyfight

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