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Outlook: unintuitive behaviour in Print dialog
Outlook's Print Dialog

Outlook sucks. Why can't I change the printing preferences when printing a message? No apparent way to specify which pages to print, whether to use duplex, stapling, zoom, etc. There has to be a reason behind this, surely. I just can't imagine someone sitting there thinking "hmm, this looks like a good opportunity to disable some functionality". :-(

EDIT: Forgot to mention: no way to select a different printer or print multiple copies. Pretty commons actions, I would have thought.

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I don't think there's even a way to print just the first page of an email - often you'll have an email trail after the bit you actually want, sure you could copy and paste elsewhere before printing but outlook should have better options.

That being said I have had to use lotus notes in two previous jobs and I hated it with a passion, believe me, outlook is much preferable in my humble opinion.

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