Nathan (gemsling) wrote,


Wow. I want to be a professional photographer. Just so that I have an excuse to get Apple's new Aperture software (AU$699). And of course, a new Power Mac G5 Quad to run it: our new 20" iMac only just meets the minimum specs and certainly not the recommended specs. Oh, and a high-end digital SLR. So, it's really overkill for anything I'd want to do, but I do still like the sound of some of the features:

- Work with RAW images directly.
- Non-destructive image manipulation: create versions without changing the original file.
- Very flexible project management: organise into projects, albums, folders and smart folders, and create full backups on external drives.
- Good EXIF and IPTC support.

*drool* Anyway, must get on with setting up BreezeBrowser on the new machine. :-)
Tags: apple

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