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Return of the woes with MS Word nested ordered lists.
After getting nested numbered lists in Word working earlier, thanks to lisanne, I have encountered the same problem again. All I did was apply a style to the body text and make a minor change to that style. Now my numbering is screwed again.

I just don't feel that word processors have a good style/structure system. Well, I've heard that OpenOffice does a better job than Word in that area, but I'm not convinced that it would be significantly better. Give me structure; keep the style separate.

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Fixed by creating a new style. It seems that (in some circumstances) just clicking the numbered list button applies a style that may or may not be wanted.

So, now I have a list style with the nice familiar name "ol".

Not so fast. Now I get other lists stuffing up. I tried to make a level 2 heading and it continued the numbering from my nested list. Had to cut and paste to get it working.

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