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Word, styles, numbered lists, lack of semantic structure
Gee word processors shit me. Well, not as much as the people who use them. Word actually does provide ways to create structure within a document, but do you think people bother to use it? Templates here are reasonable... to an extent. Styles should be more carefully defined. I guess that's the problem - the focus is on style rather than structure.

I guess this is what I get for growing up with HTML. HTML has its shortcomings too, but is less inclined to drive me nuts when I want to write a structured document.

Current gripe...

This document has numbered sections. Makes a pretty TOC. But this numbering happens with the Bullets & Numbering tool. Now I come along and want to create an ordered list in one section. That is, nest a simple list (1, 2, 3, etc.) under the "whole-of-document outline list" without it either continuing numbering or restarting numbering. And I can't figure out a way to do it. So, I have to resort to bullets, even though an ordered list would be clearer and semantically better than an unordered list. Sigh.
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Maybe you just need to be educated in microsoft! mwuhahahah! You -will- conform ;)

Well, I was trying to keep it generic. I think I'd have the same complain if OpenOffice was used here - documents deserve structure, but many people do a bad job of it in word processors.

I conform in small ways. I love the Reading Layout in Word and like the ease of entering internal email addresses in Outlook. But they still annoy me in so many ways, particularly Outlook when it comes to email composition. I gain relief by using MacOS X at home (and soon FreeBSD as well).

I can always give it a go if you want?

Feel free. I'd be interested in knowing if it is possible to nest numbered lists, or whether that possibility just wasn't considered.

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