Nathan (gemsling) wrote,


Yay! I finally have a decent computer that can cope with modern software like KDE. I've installed FreeBSD 5.4-RELEASE, some packages I want, and got KDE working. But there's still a very long road ahead. Some of the main tasks to do are:
  1. Get Opera working. I installed version 8.50 using the download provided by Opera, but when I try to run it, it can't find a library. Installing via the packages system is probably the better approach.
  2. Install and configure kdm so that the machine starts with a graphical login manager.
  3. Get digikam working. It can see the Canon IXUS to add it, but not to retrieve photos from it.
  4. Install wine, get it working, then install BreezeBrowser. As much as I'd like to use a native app like digikam, I doubt it will live up to the expectations set by BreezeBrowser.
  5. Take the advice of portaudit and install a range of security updates.
  6. Get the mouse wheel to scroll stuff.
  7. Get sound working.
  8. Get the scanner working.
  9. Copy across a heap of data from the previous computer.
  10. Set up apache, PHP, MySQL and gallery, then use it to serve some photo albums.
  11. Upgrade to FreeBSD 6.0. Possibly a clean install, doing all of the above again!
Tags: freebsd, opera

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