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Barbecue woes

If anyone, even semi-seriously, suggests that we ever have a BBQ with our current setup again, I shall go insane. We desparately need a gas burner based barbecue. Earlier, I said that we spend about $10 on heat beads and firelighters each time, but that doesn't take into account the copious stress involved with heat beads that don't light well, despite using twice the prescribed amount of firelighters.

Well, time to wander back to the "barbecue" to see if the chops have so much as browned, given that only half the heat beads are lit. And yes, it is already 7:30 and we have hungry kids.

Edit (7:45pm): No, they had not so much as browned. I absolutely hate cooking barbecue food on anything other than a barbecue. But I was wrong about the number of lit heat beads - it's more like half. So, sausages on the health grill, steak in the frypan and lamb warning slightly over a few dodgy heat beads.

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