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The perils of public blogging
I just discovered, through Google Blog Search, that an entry I had intended to be Private was marked as Public. No one commented at the time, so I don't know who read it. But as someone said to me once, you can't unsay something. I need to be more careful with the Security selection when posting. I wonder if that's a post I emailed in and then tried to change security (but failed).

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that has happened a few times to me.. and people have often reacted in many different ways.
main thing it comes down to - its a journal mate.. what i write is how i feel.. may be what i am thinking at the time.. not permately.
im much more careful tho - if im gonna bitch about someone, i will double check and make sure its on friends only or on private ;)

I'm careful about bitching about people. But there are also some things that I don't wish to admit to publicly, plus some things about other people that I have no right to publicly divulge, as in the case I referred to. Oh well; 'tis a good lesson to be careful when posting...

Fortunately Google Blog Search only shows a fragment. Unfortunately they store the whole post.

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