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Bert and Ernie: beauty of the beasts
It turns out there's a group of nutjobs who claim that Bert and Ernie are gay and that Children's Television Workshop are using them instill tolerance in kids (shock! horror!).

Theresa has pointed out that they can't be gay. Not only do they lack a sexual interest in each other (or any Muppets for that matter), but they are obsessed with birds. Particularly Bert. He appears to be in love with his pigeon. And he has a foot fetish too: he plays matching games with Bernice's socks (yes, he has named his pigeon and bought her socks). Ernie, meanwhile, is getting down and dirty (or clean) in the bathtub with his rubber ducky. Rumour has it that he's looking for a larger, inflatable version...

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Dude, we need to catch up for drinks. :)

Indeed. Suggestions?

And Trayce, if you're reading this - you still owe me a Hubcap visit!

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