Nathan (gemsling) wrote,

Party (just): Louise's 40th

I need to get organised. In a way, I'm lucky, though. Last night was Louise's 40th birthday party. A Shakespeare themed party, and one I almost missed. I knew it was coming up, but since I had not done a good job of recording when it would be and remembering it, the night started and ended badly.

The beginning: Looking at my phone's reminder to sort out a costume. As we discussed costumes (we were all planning to go as fairies from A Midsummer Night's Dream), I thought it prudent to check the date of the party. Sat 3rd September, says the invitation. Shit. So, no fairy costume. Instead, I stuck with my original idea: second murderer from Macbeth. Some black clothes and a hatchet from the garage and I was off. I bought a stocking on the way and was ready to roll. Already late, there was no time to bother with test tube cocktails. Next time.

The end: Having to leave early so I could give Deborah a lift to work. Since the party was 40 mins away, it was not really feasible to go back after playing the role of taxi driver. I would have happily bought Deborah a taxi ride, but somehow I don't think that offer would have gone very far. Louise was most disappointed to see me go; it's quite a departure from singing our lungs out at prior parties. The dancing hoard was also disappointed to see me unplug the iPod, only a little while after the music got going. When i returned to collect the jacket and hatchet I had left behind, Louise thought I was coming back to say that I had changed my mind. I tried to explain that it was not my choice to make. Eventually I made my escape and sped home in time to get Deborah to her graveyard shift.

The middle: Hartwell people are good at costumes. Never mind wishing I could hold a costume party and get people to turn up (at all, let alone in costume) - I just want to be good at finding or making costumes. Witty mentions go to Cam and Anne for "two bees and knot bee". Another couple (a company of two) had Bells and beer cans (shakes beer). There were lots of proper and impressive costumes. A highlight of the night was talking to Ian Tweeddale about the staging of A Midsummer Night's Dream. The plan is to get him along to Play Selection Committee meetings and push Hartwell to do it again. He described a production he directed several years ago elsewhere and it sounded fantastic. In other news, Sue learnt that jelly doesn't set if you use all alcohol (better to use half vodka, half water). Another alcohollic jelly attempt (in a shaped mould) also failed to set and ended up in the punch (Romeo & Juliet's Love Potion - a drink to die for...).
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