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Symbian: for maximum mobile pleasure...
One for elindal... I've been reading a bit about Symbian - an operating system used on a range of mobile phones and other small devices. A moment ago, I read the name as Sybian instead. Mmmm. Could it be confusion about the names that tempts people to use their vibrating phone as a vibrator? ;-)

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I dont see the problem :D

Brilliant. Although, that's a theft problem, not so much a problem with vibrating phones. :-) Or even using phones for pleasure; if you're seeking pleasure, you can get little Java "games" that keep the phone vibrating, optionally in some sort of oscillating pattern...

No, neither do I. Except that the Sybian is somewhat larger and less portable than a Symbian powered mobile phone.

I think depravity suits me. I'm waiting for someone to combine teledildonics with chastity devices. The power to remotely give pleasure AND deny it... 8-)

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