Nathan (gemsling) wrote,

The suffering is over

I've written very little about Mum dying. I have intended to write more, but tend to get no further than thinking through in my head what I want to say.

The suffering is finally over. She died on Saturday afternoon. No more laboured breathing. No more being uncomfortable even after the pain has been removed with medication. No more spreading bowel cancer.

I'm coping okay (this may change over time), but am exhausted with having to keep telling people how I'm going. Others are coping to varying degrees. It would be accurate to say that Tony is not coping, but we'll try to offer as much support as possible over the comings days and months. Now it be time to go and meet the celebrant and organise the funeral service. I thought all of this would be difficult, but it just feels like normal activity that has nothing much to do with Mum, who she was, and the fact that she is gone.

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