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Sophies Verden - incomplete enjoyment
One of the most expensive films ever made in Norway is Sophies Verden (Sophie's World), based on the novel by Jostein Gaarder. I was really pleased a few weeks back when Theresa noticed that SBS was to screen the mini-series version that came out a year after the original film.

Unfortunately, it hasn't worked out very well. I've seen the first two of four episodes and have the third on tape, but we've missed the final installment. The one show this month that I really wanted to watch and I had a rehearsal on. I called Theresa to ask that she tape it, but the 15 minutes between the call and the start time was enough for her to forget. And I stupidly forgot to send a reminder message or make a followup phone call at 8:30.

In theory, I could buy the film version on DVD, but the only one currently available is a German dub with no English subtitles. Oh well; it was nice while it lasted.

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have you checked the regular bittorrent spots?

No, but then I'm not really familiar with the regular bittorent spots, as I haven't yet immersed myself into the downloading scene (or felt a need to). I'd be surprised to find it, though: unless someone's ripped straight from TV (SBS did their own subtitles), I don't expect to find an English version.

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