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Sales: it's like a whole different world.
I have to move to a different desk soon. While I will miss my secluded spot, it will be a good thing, as a telesales team has moved into this area. It is a world I don't understand.
"No, I can happily say that I'm not one of those [presumably a sales rep] - I'm a Business Solutions Executive."
I don't believe I could ever call people with the aim of making a sale. But even sitting in the same environment is a strange enough experience. Concepts like motivation and inspiration are not only welcome, but embraced.

And there's music playing. While I don't wish to stereotype sales reps as people who listen to commercial pop and dance, that's precisely what is playing right now. :-(

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Argh! Now it's getting ridiculous. They need a radio. For, as repititive as radio can be, you generally don't hear the same song twice in an HOUR.

- The first time I listened to the latest Triple J Hottest 100 album, Mylo's Drop The Pressure was okay.
- On subsequent plays, I tired of the track and learned to skip it.
- The first time I heard sales weenies playing it this morning, I tolerated it.
- Now playing for the second time today, no more than an hour later, it's pissing me off!

You know the solution to your woes is simply remarking that the music is passe ;)

I never thought you'd be a junkie...

heh, me a junkie? no.
Apparently I'm a bit of a masochist.

But what would I know, I listen to gold 104 in the car ;)

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