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Deborah - adolescence?
A simple "goodnight" would suffice. I may not be in Deborah's good books, but I'm not in her bad books either. It could be just adolescence, but I often feel I'm invisible. She'll talk to me if there is something to say, but the small talk seems to be gone. While I don't expect a goodnight kiss anymore, she used to at least say "goodnight". Now there's a goodnight for her Mum and it's straight off to bed. I can call out "goodnight", but get little or no response.

I'm talking as if she's being hostile to me and pleasant to everyone else, but that's probably over-analysing. Theresa has said that she typically heads to her room after school each day, and other mood traits indicate that it could just be adolescence

I wonder how well I'll learn to let go of Jesara when she reaches adolescence...