Nathan (gemsling) wrote,

Theresa returns... and is feeling better!

Theresa arrived home this morning at about 6:30, marking the end of her longest ever job as an extra. Six days of filming spread over eight weekdays. Eight hour calls, but a lot of overtime. Some days required her to be at the Docklands by 4:15am for the bus to Bacchus Marsh. The last two days were night time shoots, finishing about 5am. She stayed in a motel to have more chance of getting sleep.

I was so happy to see her return this morning, and as she came to bed I was struck by her beauty. Better still, she's feeling better and coughing less, so the worst of her prolonged cold seems to be over. With the chance to sleep and the departure from a dusty filming location, we'll have our beloved Treezy back to normal very soon.

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