Nathan (gemsling) wrote,

Dream: walk, shopping centre, and relationship with Deborah

From a dream this morning:

We were in a different place, probably Brisbane. Planned to go for a walk through a forest or National Park. Finally got ready with a lightly packed and lightweight backpack. It then turned out that the walk would be more local; we would set off from the home of the people we were staying with. It also turned out that my companions for this walk were Deborah and a friend she'd made. We set off, but Deborah said something like "we are going to basketball, right?" I was annoyed at the change of plans; I thought she understood that we were going for a walk. It was odd that she'd be playing basketball after giving it up (in real life, where I think she only went to one or two games). But we continued.

In the end they gave up on the basketball idea and just wanted to hang out at the shopping centre. I now had a child in a pram and my annoyance grew when Deborah slipped through the door and didn't hold it open for us. Edging through the door, I called out something like, "Bitch! Come back and open the door." She grudgingly did, but I then left anyway. The area is unfamiliar, but I figured I'd be able to find my way to to the friend's house and come back for the girls later (or they could walk back).

Whilst passing another entrance to the shopping centre, I saw Deborah inside. There was a feeling of awkwardness for a moment, then she came to the door as if ready to launch an attack. Instead, she came outside, gave me a hug and said "I really do love you". I cried and so did she. More than just making up for the last ten minutes, it was an understanding that things are okay between us in real life. We put away the tears, got back to a jovial state, and she was ready to return to her friend. I can't remember the end of the dream, but there was a little more, possibly including time back at the friend's house and a flight home.

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