Nathan (gemsling) wrote,

Oops. Juggling two machines.

I ran (The GIMP for MacOS X) last night and it worked, unlike last time. It complained that it couldn't access the swap directory I told it to use (/Users/nathanj/.gimp-2.2/swap/), so I thought I'd go and create it first.

In Terminal, I tried "ls -a": no .gimp-2.2 directory. Double-checked that I am actually in my home directory - still not there... So, I tried "mkdir blah" and I found that I couldn't even see that in Finder!

After several minutes frustration and confusion, I eventually figured it out. I closed my SSH session to the other computer and tried again. Issuing commands on the correct machine worked a treat!

I think it's time to add the hostname to my tcsh prompt...

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