Nathan (gemsling) wrote,

Meme: vulnerability in songs

A while back, I wrote about songs that affect me. I've since figured out what most appeals to me about some of these songs: songwriters writing very personal stories from their own lives. There's something vulnerable about it, and that leads to a more powerful song.

Meme: list three songs, each by a different artist, in which he/she shares something deeply personal and affecting. Also explain how its story is personal to the songwriter.

My three (one of which also appeared in the earlier meme):

Emotionless by Good Charlotte

Personal story: Joel and Benji Madden let us in on their feelings about their father leaving. Further notes under earlier meme.

Mockingbird by Eminem

Personal Story: While not previously a hip-hop fan, and although his world and views are different to mine, I bought and loved his album, The Eminem Show. Some people saw a misogynist, but I felt the songs showed where his views on women came from. Most of all, I saw a father with great love for his daughter. I haven't heard the latest album, but Mockingbird divulges even more about the life of Marshall Mathers, and builds upon the personal story laid out in songs like Cleanin Out My Closet and Hailie's Song.

Ana's Song by silverchair

Personal Story: Daniel Johns' ode to his struggle with anorexia and the hold it had on him. This one was suggested by Deborah after I said I was looking for songs that are not only touching/affecting, but also personal to the songwriter. It uses metaphor in almost every line, likening Ana/anorexia to a destructive girlfriend that he still needs somehow. To not only write about your mental illness, but to sing it to the world must be very difficult, and it shows great strength. I wonder if he ever found it triggering to sing about something he was trying to battle.

PS. What is it with people and groups using lowercase names?

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