Nathan (gemsling) wrote,

Audition Notice: One Acts 2005

Do you know someone who likes to act? Want to get up on stage yourself? Come and audition!

Homegrown @ Hartwell: One Act Plays

* Open auditions: Sunday May 22nd - 2.00pm
* Where: Ashwood College, Vannam Dve, Ashwood
* What: Lots of roles, both male and female, all ages.

In particular, I want to see good numbers at the auditions so I don't have a struggle to get a cast, like last year... The play I'm directing is:

A Million Monkeys by Colin Donald

* Characters: 2 males, 1 female, all 20s or maybe 30s.
* Accents: The female actor plays two identical characters, one American and the other Australian.

Two brothers, two hemispheres. Sensitive, slightly awkward Graeme keeps in touch with his more self-assured brother Calvin, who has moved to California to explore the more risqué side of his photography career. They talk about life, work and their relationships with women. Calvin loves women and beauty, but feels a relationship's place is the bedroom, which causes tension between him and Brandy, who wants more than just sex.

Graeme has also found someone: Sherry, who is identical to Brandy but unrelated (doppelgangers). Thanks to the different personalities of the brothers, we see these two relationships develop and take divergent paths.

Full info at:

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