Nathan (gemsling) wrote,

Balance in The Herald Sun

OMG. The first NINE (9) pages of The Herald Sun are devoted to Kylie Minogue and the revelation that she has cancer. Isn't that a tad... excessive? Taking out two pages of ads, that's seven pages of articles and photos, including the full front page.

I can understand that this may be a big human interest story, and for the readership of The Herald Sun, perhaps it deserves a front page story and a double-page spread... But spreading it out for the first nine pages? Hmm.

No, I haven't looked at pages ten and onwards to see what other news is covered; presumably nothing newsworthy happened yesterday. If it had, surely even The Herald Sun would have ran it on at least page three, albeit with a large top-of-page banner shouting "Kylie Special Report: Pages 4-11"...

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