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Kids: minor observations

My son is not very skilled in the art of masturbation (yet). He'll sometimes miss the target and pull on his scrotum or squeeze his testicles. It looks rather painful, but I haven't seen him wince, so it mustn't be as rough as it looks.


Deborah's sucked into The O.C. and reacts with glee at the various twists and turns. It's quite cute. I remember feeling the same way about made-for-teens television (eg. Dawson's Creek, Party of Five, and made-for-adults TV too, now that I think about it). Deborah is better at being open about it, though. I didn't cope well with the teenage thing, but she embraces it.


Nothing to report here. Actually, I don't think I've posted about her "ownership" thing.
"Dat's a mah Joshy!" (huge emphasis on her funny pronunciation of "my").
"Is that, a your bag, is it?"
"I did a wee on Mummy's toilet!"

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Ummm... you're not going odd on us all are you?

No, but I'm trying... So far, it's only the kids doing odd things... I think.

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