Nathan (gemsling) wrote,

Finally an update and some reflection

Once again, I keep thinking of things I want to record here, but I don't get around to it. So, let me use this train ride for a bit of typing.

In particular, I remember last weekend being one of mixed emotions. Now I can't remember why. That Friday was when we finally got to Frankston Cemetery for the internment of Mum's ashes. No service, but we all got together for it and remembered. The rest of the family is upset that they didn't have enough notice for it, but Judy (the black sheep of the family) came. We'll organise our own service/get-together shortly.

Afterwards we went to Frankston pier/marina to have fish'n'chips. Possibly the worst fish'n'chips I've ever had and certainly not the sort that Mum would have approved of; exceedingly oily and a bad type of batter. I was already upset that it took so long to prepare and I ended up with a bad mood that persisted through most of the weekend.

I can't recall exactly why it continued, but I think lack of sleep played a part. Oh, yes; I had work to do on Saturday, including working on the programme for Richard III. Instead, most of the day was wasted trying to fix lights on a trailer. I was glad that Chris, who at least knew what he was doing, was also frustrated by the difficulties. Ultimately, though, the verdict after several hours was that all the wiring should be replaced, I also remember that something made me happy on Sunday, but I can't remember what.

Since then...

Hartwell committee meeting. Once again I didn't grab the chance to raise the issue about the web site. (It needs updating more frequently, and I have a new version, based on PmWiki, ready to go.) Next time.

Play selection committee meeting on Tuesday. Working on the programme for Richard III on Wednesday.

On the subject of theatre, we have an even busier time coming up than when Theresa was in The Crucible. I'll be directing A Million Monkeys for Hartwell and Theresa got a part in Murdered To Death, the next Shoestring show. This will consume most of our nights and Sundays for a few months.

It also posed an interesting question: what do we do with the kids? The answer was that Deborah would be happy to look after them on the nights we are both away. I had my doubts, simply because she struggled with them on Crucible nights between Theresa's departure and my return home; I did once find her balled up in tears with Joshua screaming and Jesara looking concerned. However, Theresa felt assured by Deborah that all would be okay and that Deborah would appreciate having some money put aside for her proposed trip to Queensland.

Then, after the audition at which Theresa was offered a part and accepted it, it became apparent that Deborah wasn't particularly optimistic about being with the kids after all. This led to some tension; Theresa pointed out that the time to say so was before the audition, and now the commitment has been made. The tension didn't last long, but it always makes me feel uncomfortable, especially given my eternal feeling of debt to Deborah.

All is okay now, but for the sanity of all of us, I think I shall need to organise as many rehearsals as possible to be on Wednesdays, and possibly get the stage manager to take over during hell week. (Actually, for hell week, I can probably take the kids a couple of times.)

Final comment: at work, I'm busy with two projects. This is good, though, as I have no choice but to be motivated. I'm also trying to overcome an aversion to billing my actual hours to a project, rather than trying to fit in with the estimate of hours that has been assigned to me.

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