Nathan (gemsling) wrote,

Disheartened: WinXP COE news

The dreaded Common Operating Environment rollout looms nigh. [shudder]

I was, however, heartened to discover that Opera and some other apps I use are considered "In Scope - User Installed". There is also a batch of "Out of Scope - User Self Supported" apps, leading me to feel that there'll be the ability to install software.

OTOH, I was disheartened at this entry:

App: The GIMP 2
Status: Out of Scope - Blacklisted
Reason: Open source is blacklisted

I have no need for The GIMP at work (well, it would be handy for resizing screenshots in documentation, but that's overkill). But it is saddening to see the Open Source Is Evil line being pushed. Pushed indiscriminately, I might add: Firefox, Mozilla, PuTTY and are all allowed and some are even described as open source.

Another interesting one is PGP Encryption Software, which is blacklisted without reason.

All in all, though, I think I'll cope with the software side of the deal. Limitations on network access present the biggest fear. The possibility of nara access disappearing at any time is also frightening.

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