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Work gripe #3
Further to my earlier gripe about chasing for approval on behalf of someone else...

Now that I have done so and found that approval is denied, I get to be the one to take the heat from the people seeking the change. Admittedly, they will get more heat than me: they promised to the customer that the change would be made.

And because the manager's message denying the request has a multi-sentence reply explaining why we (as a company) don't want to make the change, instead of a simple "no - absolutely not", I expect I'll now be dealing with questions like "okay... but how do we get this changed?"

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This is where you defer to management and say "well, I believe X has all the details here, here's a copy of the email - please see them for more information, as I dont have it to hand"

=) Buck passed! Gods, I hate how so many people there duck responsibility/conflict by making others do crap for them...

It worked out well in the end. They eventually got the idea that I wouldn't be much use to them, and have started talking directly with Mark.

Oh, it was MARK. Well, heh. Say no moah!

No, not -that- Mark (I assume you are thinking of Mark Arsehole _____).

The account manager and product manager wanted a reply, so I bugged Mark Little for a reply. Mark, perhaps rightly, said that their request was one would shouldn't entertain.

The product manager eventually gave up using me as a middle-man and decided to take up the issue with Mark directly.

Hrmm...Can you LART the people I work with?
I'd quite happily LART the people you have to deal with in exchange. [1]

I can really relate to this gripe. As I have a similar issue. I'm currently acting as the messenger between the network engineers at my work, and one of the execs at a partner company (who I may add, has direct access to the network engineers)

I can understand people getting grumpy from work issues, but honestly... why do they all shoot the messenger boy?

Sometimes it makes you wish that people would just understand "no" to mean "no". Rather than thinking, you've said "no" to mean "I can't be arsed"

It also doesn't help when people aren't even willing to listen to the reasoning behind why you've said whatever. (be it company policy, the request is just plain stupid, or that you can't give an answer immediately)

Oh, and is it me, or is LART such an offensive term? Though, what else could you use to signify an attitude reajustment tool?

[1] Provided they even let me in the building :)

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