Nathan (gemsling) wrote,

Good Charlotte concert: experienced vicariously

'Tis not fair. Deborah and Carly went to the Good Charlotte concert last night and had a great time. Whilst it didn't really occur to me to actually buy a ticket, I'm now wishing I had seen it. But at least I could partially experience it vicariously through Deborah's account of events.

A highlight for me would have been Emotionless. Refer back to my "meme: songs that affect you" post, in which I listed this very personal story about the children's father walking out on their lives as the song that most affects me. The rest of the band left the stage for Joel and Benji to do Emotionless as an acoustic number. As an intro, Benji called out to the audience:

"Does anyone here have a Dad?"
[crowd cheers]
"Can we borrow him?"

Apparently Joel had tears in his eyes when performing the song. Given that it is (presumably) a story about their own father, I'm not surprised.

It would also have been nice to hear the high pitched vocals on I Just Wanna Live... Oh well. At least my concert cravings are soon to be fed at the Nightwish concert. I have a paranoid cloud of worry hanging over me that I'll misplace the ticket or something!

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