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Outlook woes - quoting
Pasting this here so I can find it again:
Because it messes up the order in which people normally read text.
> Why is top-posting such a bad thing?
>> Top-posting.
>>> What is the most annoying thing on reply e-mails?
On a related note, I am desparate to find a solution for an Outlook annoyance that isn't fixed by Outlook-QuoteFix.

I can set it to use plain text, but that only works for external emails, so I get Rich Text or HTML for internal replies. I can fix this with Format -> Plain Text, BUT: that doesn't insert '>' at the start of each line. Instead, I get a semi-fixed message, but it still has indents instead of quote marks. Argh!

So, I shall continue to juggle two email programs.

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Um... Nathan... I'll give you an e-mail with a possible solution to that. You're still using Outlook 2003 (or 2000, or XP) right?

Outlook 2002 (10.4219.4219) SP-2. I imagine I'd need a third-party utility, but it would need to be easier than this:

Agent -> New message -> Paste as quotation -> Ctrl-A -> Ctrl-C -> Paste in Outlook.

BTW, congratulations on finding work. I'm sure it's a big relief. Does that mean B won't be able to get here to shave off my hair? (It has actually been moved from 10am Fri to 4:30pm Thu 10/Mar.)

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