Nathan (gemsling) wrote,

Grown-up Jenga

On the weekend, I played a grown up version of Jenga. No, not an "adult" version like Jenga Truth or Dare...

The game I'm referring to was pulling down a shed. We removed most of the internal cladding and some of the nails last weekend. This weekend it was time to try and remove the rest. After removing the tin/iron panels from the roof and sides, we were left with a frame; part metal, part wood, part rotten wood. The aim of the game: swing your wrecking bar at a piece of wood to knock it out of place and hope that all the other pieces don't fall on you.

It went pretty well, although the door is still standing, and (depending on the size of the skip we get) we may have to but through the metal frame that was welded together. Next weekend: buy a wheelbarrow, hire a jackhammer, hire a skip, put stuff in the skip, break up concrete, cart it out to the skip too, then pause and wonder how the hell we're going build a bungalow on the newly available space...

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