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Copyright, copyleft, music, web standards - links and a summary
I sent some details about my "causes" to dechardonay. I thought it was a decent summary, so I'm pasting it here for future reference:
+ Creative Commons:
- Flexible copyright for creative work.
- Find content and know your rights up front.
- Publish content and choose which uses to allow and which rights to keep.
+ Magnatune
- "We're a record label. But we're not evil."
- Legally listen to full albums to decide what you like.
- Buy albums for download or on CD and choose how much to pay.
- Licence music online, or use for free in your non-commercial work.
+ Firefox:
- A better, more secure alternative to Internet Explorer.
- Firefox is simple, well designed, and has great support for web standards.
+ Portable Firefox
- Handy for USB keys and locked-down corporate networks.