Nathan (gemsling) wrote,

Rant: .pro

I have many posts I'd like to write; maybe I'll get to some of them soon. In the meantime, I'd like to bitch about the .pro TLD. It is run by RegistryPro, and their front page says:

"Maintaining a professional image on the Internet is essential in today’s fast-paced electronic world."

Yes, but the right-hand side of your domain has little to do with your actual professionalism or the quality of your web site.

"The .Pro web address presents a way for you to distinguish yourself online and indicates that you are serious about electronic security, client privacy and confidentiality."

Likewise, the size of your penis is the best way to distinguish yourself in bed and and indicates that you are more serious about image than quality.

"RegistryPro offers a new method for professionals to communicate with clients and peers."

No you don't - you're just selling a domain! Actually, I'm wrong: a digital certificate is included with each domain. But that is not a "new method", and the provision of a certificate does not mean that it will be used or used well.

"Designed to help professionals who have heightened confidentiality obligations, .Pro differentiates and positions you and your clients, and assists you in securing online communications and transactions."


Pro creates one of the most prestigious and powerful addresses on the web. Secure your professional identity on the Internet today!"

And there it is - the close.

We don't need more stinkin' TLDs.

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