Nathan (gemsling) wrote,

The test tube challenge

I'm not very good at applying nail polish. Maybe I need more practice.

In other news, I got a Christmas present yesterday! No, it's not early; it was a package that must have travelled via surface mail, as it took weeks to get from the US to here.

A set of test tubes! Imagine going to a party and having cocktails and shooters served to you in a test tube... They're really cool, so now I think I shall have to undertake a project to make a rack for them. We've talked about the idea of getting test tubes for drinks, and I know Theresa had looked around for some, but I truly had no idea what to expect when opening the box. A very pleasant surprise.

Your challenge:

The test tubes hold more than a normal shot glass (I'm yet to measure how much), but less than a cocktail glass. Your challenge is to reply to this post with a cocktail suggestion. It could be a semi-potent cocktail to sip, or perhaps a shot that may or may not fill the tube. Be creative!

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