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The test tube challenge
I'm not very good at applying nail polish. Maybe I need more practice.

In other news, I got a Christmas present yesterday! No, it's not early; it was a package that must have travelled via surface mail, as it took weeks to get from the US to here.

A set of test tubes! Imagine going to a party and having cocktails and shooters served to you in a test tube... They're really cool, so now I think I shall have to undertake a project to make a rack for them. We've talked about the idea of getting test tubes for drinks, and I know Theresa had looked around for some, but I truly had no idea what to expect when opening the box. A very pleasant surprise.

Your challenge:

The test tubes hold more than a normal shot glass (I'm yet to measure how much), but less than a cocktail glass. Your challenge is to reply to this post with a cocktail suggestion. It could be a semi-potent cocktail to sip, or perhaps a shot that may or may not fill the tube. Be creative!

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You need to get yourself some Dry Ice. You can get this from BOC gas or LiquidAir or any of the other compressed gas resellers around Melbourne.
You just need to go in and ask for Granulised dry ice by the KG. its about $10 a KG and if you get 10Kgs of it it will last all night if its all in the same box and stored in an esky.

Drop a granual (about 15mm * 10mm) into the bottom of the test tube and then poor the drink over the top of it. VERY impressive with ANY sort of drink.. mist everywhere. just make sure people dont drink the dry ice.

Ooh! That does sound cool! Dry ice sounds scary though... You'd say it's safe to use, so long as the dry ice stays in the bottom of the tube?

Well, Dry ice is JUST Carbon Dioxide. In the densities your going to be dealing with it there is no dangerous gases or volumes. You DO need to make sure you use it in a well ventilated area.. But if you breath it in its not toxic on its own.

The only problem with it is its temperature. Its at -78.5 Degrees C

If you accidently swallow that then you will burn the inside of your stomache. Well freeze burn to be more precise.

Google for "Dry Ice Expeirements" should get you some interesting stuff.


are just two of them that I have found so far.

get mountain goat beer. pour into test tube. serve. it's called mountain goat beer.

Well, Moutain Goat probably deserved test tubes of slightly greater capacity, but I like the idea. I think that will look good - the ultimate in boutique beer...

You need to serve things like squashed frogs and brain hemorages in them :) They would look suitably scary in a test tube :)

I need to find the exact recipes again, but one of the key ingedients is advocaat which forms a lovely gloopy blob in the centre of the shooter, when some grenadine is dropped through it, it looks very impressive :) ewwww!

I'll dig them up and let you know!

Squashed frog:
Pour Midori then Advocaat in glass. Add a few dashes of grenadine and then float Bailey's on top.

Brain Hemorrhage:
Fill a shot glass 3/4 full of peach schnapps, add one or two drops of grenadine, then slowly pour in the irish cream (NOTE, gloop it in, don't pour a layer like you would normally do.... this is why advocaat is often a better choice than Baileys, but tastewise, Baileys wins). The shot should look like a brain floating in formaldehyde with a drop of blood at the bottom. It should look pretty gross but the taste is awesome.

Thanks for the recommendations. :-) I knew of the Brain Hemorrhage, but Squashed Frog is new to me. They do indeed sound suitable for test tubes.

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