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Communication from people I don't know
What a strange week. First I had someone ask if she could add me to her friends list (hi angebabe69!). No idea how she came across my journal, or what made her interested in reading it.

Then yesterday, I received an email from someone at a child and family services centre saying: "As a social worker working with young people and their families, I find what I know of you to be inspirational, especially for the young men that I deal with professionally."

...which makes me think "huh?". It may have been sent to many people (it didn't have my name on it), or to the wrong person. But if she was sending it to me specifically, why? I think I'd like to find out a little more before I send the photos and information that she requested so that the young man she is helping can "hear of someone who has achieved what you have after experiencing difficulties in the past".

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Well, that's one mystery resolved. It turns out she had done a Google search like "Nathan Jones photos", which gives a link to the contact page on my online photo album. Not that she was looking for me: she was seeking info on a wrestler by the same name. I replied to assure her that wrestling is the furthest thing from my mind.

AAAHAHAHAHAHAHA i point and i laugh! i point and i laugh so much!!!

oh, and hi, angebabe69, welcome to gemsling's wierdness. we all point and laugh at him. :)

(Deleted comment)
Ah, that explains it. Eccentric; I like it. Did you end up finding a recipe? I wouldn't mind trying a batch myself.

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