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Opera - version 8 & licence changes
I have four licences for Opera 7: two for Windows and one each for MacOS and Linux. And now they've gone and decided that they'd just sell a single licence for all three desktop platforms! Oh well. I certainly don't begrudge them the money I've contributed.

In other Opera news, version 7.60 will actually be released as Opera 8 instead. So far, I've only had a quick look at the beta, but it looks good. Importantly, it fixes some problems with absolute positioning, and has better DOM support, which means it will work with apps like Gmail.

In other browser news, I was pleased to have a win on the Firefox front on Christmas Day. My step brother had been having problems with Internet Explorer, so I wrote "getfirefox.com" on an envelope. He called later in they day to say that they had installed it and it was working nicely. :-)

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Go for it. I assume you don't mind me adding you in return...

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