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I was happy earlier...
My day was going along on a nice positive note until about five minutes ago. Now my whole outlook on the day has dropped.

I offered to write training documentation for some products and then got the reply that I should have been expecting, but wasn't. "That's great; are you aware of the template you should be using?" Now, if this template happened to be a simple HTML template, I'd be perfectly happy. But nooooo, not in this Microsoft happy little hell hole. No offence to the company - it's only a hell hole because of the reliance on Microsoft; it's as if some people would fall into a heap if they had to use a more accessible format to handle their documents.

"One of the reasons I haven't used a template so far (apart from not knowing about it), is that I am writing them as web pages."

"Well you can write them in Word and export them as HTML."

I hope she didn't hear my teeth grinding. There is no way I intend to write "HTML" in Word. I'll look into creating a CSS that resembles the template, but honestly, if I have to submit a document that is actually application/msword rather than text/html, I don't know that I can do it. But can I get away with saying "here's the URL - if you want to import it into a Word document, fine..."?

The last thing we need is a higher number of web page hyperlinks pointing to .doc files. Maybe it's fine for the MSIE hugging Word lovers who see the documents load in the same window and can't tell the difference between that and linking to a real web page. But for me, clicking on a link to a Word document means two extra mouse clicks and several seconds extra time to load the document, but also more difficult navigation, since Word is an editor, not a viewer, and it lacks the useful viewing and navigational tools available in Opera.

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Here here.

Working for the same company, I have the same gripes about a lot of the stuff that is going on.
Stupid people need tools that the world tells them is the best. They dont care if it is good or not.

HTML with CSS is about the best format I have seen for internal documentation for ease of editing and searching, which is slow to impossible across multiple word docs. I will not continue your rant, as I am just repeating.

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