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The logo got to me (Firefox t-shirt)
I gotta stop spending money. I just ordered a Firefox t-shirt. Nice, but not good on the budget. (Unless I don't record the transaction, in which case the t-shirt is free! How's that for flawed thinking?)

An Opera user helping spread Firefox; I don't know whether to be ashamed of myself, or pleased with myself... Maybe I need to send some Opera Christmas cards to redeem myself.

This post brought to you by: and Download Opera

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why don't you get a thunderbird shirt? (isn't that what they're calling it?) and still use opera (even though I like the idea of opera mail)

Thunderbird (Mozilla's mail client) is good, but not good enough to make me want to stop using Opera for mail. It's handy having email and RSS operate in the same program you use for web browsing, and the features of Opera suit my use of IMAP quite well. (Email retrieved on three computers and also available via a web interface.)

I should go about using opera again. I find it deals with memory management a lot better than firefox does. ;)

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