Nathan (gemsling) wrote,

Meme: songs that affect you

I'm not normally one to start memes, but I guess there's a first time for everything. :-)

Think of some songs that touch you or affect you in some way. Then, list the top few, along with a brief note about the song and why it affects you.

For me, there are a few songs that cause a shiver down my spine each time I hear them. The human emotion (sometimes painful emotion) in the songs just gets to me.

The top two...

Winner: Emotionless by Good Charlotte

The title implies that he is void of feeling about his father walking out on the family, but the lyrics tell a different story. The song is a letter to his father asking him why and telling him about the pain that he caused. The anger is peeled away towards the end of the song and in a quieter voice, we hear:
and sometimes
I forgive
and this time
I'll admit, that I miss you, miss you
hey dad
Oh wow, even reading the lyrics is bringing a tear to the eye.

Second place: The Truckie's Wife by John Williamson

The impact of this song is wearing off a little, but it's still one of my favourite John Williamson songs. Life for a truckie must be hard, but this song also spares a thought for his wife; stuck at home with the kids and missing his company for big stretches of time.
And the pain runs down her cheeks and on her dressing gown
She gives all the love she can, 
She doesn't plan to slow her truckie down;
And she battles with her babies
And lately has been thinking about her life.
Is there anything in store; is there more
For the truckie's wife?
And from the truckie's perspective, it talks about the loneliness of being on the road and not seeing his kids much. "He's more like an uncle; he comes home with ice creams and toys."

Honourable Mentions

Dry Your Eyes by The Streets

Earlier in the year, I did something I will always regret. I wanted to explain how sorry I was, but as this song says, sometimes you just have to let it go:
Dry your eyes mate;
I know you want to make her see how much this pain hurts;
But you've got to walk away now.
Everyone Deserves Music by Michael Franti

The aforementioned incident left me at a low point, and it was comforting to have this song tell me that I still deserved music.

Just missed out...

Goodbye Nakamura by Ted Egan
The story of a young Japanese diver who died from the bends whilst diving for pearls at Broome.

Not Ready Yet by Eels
Actually, the whole Beautiful Freak album is a pit of melancholy. Other candidates were Guest List and Mental.

Gone Away by The Offspring

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