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Cascading down
My gripe of the day relates to an email that resembles this:

From: Team Leader
To: Team
Subject: FW: Fwd: New process

Please read the attached email.

-----Original Message-----
From: Team Manager
To: Team Leaders
Subject: Fwd: New process

Please ensure this is passed onto the teams.

-----Original Message-----
From: Group Manager
To: Team Managers
Subject: New process

[insert message here about something]

Please cascade this information to all relevant team members.

Firstname Lastname
Head of Whichever Group

I can deal with the Group Manager getting his managers to pass on the information; they would better know who is affected and which email aliases to use. But:

1. Team Manager has three team leaders plus staff, and there is an email address that covers everyone in the team. Why couldn't he send it directly to the team? What does the extra hand-off achieve?

2. Why couldn't the team leader who actually sent the message to the team snip out the paper-trail and just include the message?

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They lack the inteligence to be anything other than team leaders? they have had a labotomy that removed that part of the brain?

you didn't get that memo? :)
It does make you wonder exactly what the company thinks that Team Leaders actually do.

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