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Regarding article "Teen's website hijacked by pedophiles"
URL: http://www.news.com.au/common/printpage/0,6093,11634648,00.html
Headline: Teen's website hijacked by pedophiles

A 19 year old with a web hosting business ended up in court because people had used his service to store/distribute child pornography. He wasn't involved directly, and didn't advertise for porn pedlars.

"However he was charged on the basis he had done nothing to stop the child pornographers using the site to sell or swap their products."

What does this mean?! Sorry, let me rephrase. My gripe is that the article doesn't explain whether he was aware of the child pornography or not. I can only assume that he was, in which case the $3000 fine and forfiet of his equipment may be warranted. But if he wasn't aware of it, then the law has screwed up.

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Without knowing more details it looks more like he was being a fool or a dickhead. If he was paying attention he'd have had contracts (e.g. AUP/ToS) prohibiting the obvious and removing liability for himself. He'd've also cancelled the accounts of those people using fraudulent credit cards to gain access to the system.

You'll notice that he is not getting his name added to the national registrar of sex offenders. He's just received a short sharp shock to wake him up. Harsh, but it's political death to allow anyone even vaguely related to child pornography off the hook.

You make some good points. The article just got on my "they're trying to shift blame onto providers when it belongs on the baddies" nerve. In reality, I rather imagine that he would have been alerted to the porn and failed to act.

Regarding fraudulent credit cards, I was also disappointed that the article made no mention of what actually happened to the people who uploaded the porn. Enquiring minds want to know! Were they discovered? Charged? Couldn't be tracked down?

The article reads like the latest instalment in an ongoing saga, so much of this has probably been covered in the preceding weeks and months. It's just a matter of finding the details now. Try googling the poor wanker's name and see what turns up ...

The Police have a sense of humour

It's sort of part of an ongoing saga, in that it's one of the many stories to come out of Operation Auxin. Not much more available on Gregory John Burridge, though. [1] [2]

On the subject of Operation Auxin, I just found out what auxin is: a plant hormone that stimulates cell elongation... Aren't they clever?

See: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Auxin

Re: The Police have a sense of humour

Most of the police operation names I've encountered recently have cutely fitting names. Though I suspect Auxin was chosen more because it is related to defoliants like Agent Orange, which was used to clear away large swathes of potentially dangerous jungle in Vietnam, likewise Operation Auxin is clearing away large swathes of paedophiles. Or perhaps it is the link to dioxins, which could mean that paedophiles are poison.

Operation Purana, the gangland investigation, is another fine example. Purana is a Hindu term for the various stories that comprise Hindu mythology. Which, of course, is basically about war amongst the gods.

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